How does free hike SMS work?

You’ll receive a free hike SMS bonus when you join, and you’ll keep earning more free hike SMS as you keep using hike. The number of free SMS you can earn is unlimited; the more you use hike, the more you earn. You can also earn more free SMS by inviting other friends and special offers which we’ll keep sending from time to time.

In short, as you use hike, you get more free SMS. As you use free SMS, your balance will be deducted. You can check your free SMS balance from the Free SMS screen.

A hike message sent to a non-hike user is automatically sent as a SMS. The non-hike user can reply to this SMS at standard SMS Rates. The number that is displayed to the recipient is the hike VMN (Virtual Mobile Number). However, your name is also displayed so that the recipient knows who sent the message. So you will always come to know who that hiker is who is welcoming you to join the awesome world of hiking!! :)

For hike2SMS messages you get a message state SMS instead of "Tick" (Sent) once we’ve sent the SMS to the recipient. It will remain in that state even after the message has been delivered.


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