Invite friends to hike

To refer/invite friends into hike:

You can invite your friend to hike to have unlimited chats stickers and much more. 

Step 1: Tap on 'Invite Friends' from the three dot menu from hike home screen.


Step 2: Select how you want to invite your friend, SMS/WhatsApp/Email, select the name of friend whom you want to refer and tap on the 'Send' button


Please ensure that your friend (who has a smartphone) needs to install hike into his/her phone from the link mentioned in your referral message. For getting free SMS bonus, you should invite your friends through SMS only, else it will not be considered as a valid invite :(

Hope to see you add more friends so that you all can have a nice time. That's what hike is all about- adding more friends and more friends and more- ya that's the way!! Enjoy hiking!! :)


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