Optimizing message receive experience

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To have the best message receive experience on hike, please check the following.

  • Go to hike > menu > Settings > Notifications and your ensure that all the following settings are enabled.

Default Settings : 

Vibrate - Default

Conversation Tones (enabled)

LED Notification (enabled)

Notification Tones - HikeJingle

Status update notification (enabled)

  • For Group Messages, please open the group chat > Menu Button > tap on Unmute Group, if present.
  • Please enable 'Show notifications' in System settings > Apps > hike
  • Please make sure that Background data is allowed under Settings > Data Usage > Menu Button.
  • Please go to System Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu Button > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and ensure that it is set to "Always".
  • For make sure that Wi-Fi optimization is unchecked under System Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu Button > Advanced > Wi-Fi optimization.
  • Please uninstall any Battery saving apps, if present. Battery saving apps may prevent you from receiving your hike messages.
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