Why am I not able to see Stickey?

If you are unable to see Stickey, please check the following.

Are you able to see Stickey in the hike settings?

If yes, please check the following.

  • Enable Accessibility services for Stickey. To know more Click here.
  • Please check if you have enabled for the messaging apps you are using.  To know more about the apps supported by Stickey Click here.

Also, if you are able to hike icon, while using other messaging apps and still not able to send Stickers, please check if you have send more than 5 Stickers using Stickey? To know more Click here.


If you are not able to see Stickey in hike Settings.

  • Please check if your Android version and hike version supports Stickey. To know more click here.
  • Have you reset your hike account or installed hike recently. If yes, please be patient, we will be enabling Stickey for you soon.



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