What are Stickers?


Stickers are a much more expressive way of communicating with your friends as compared to a simple text or even emoticons.


To send stickers to your friends, just open a conversation with them, just tap on the “sticker” icon to the left in hike message text input box. Select the category of stickers you want to send, and tap on a sticker to send it to your friend. 


Check out our collection of stickers at http://get.hike.in/stickers.html  


To send stickers, you must upgrade to hike 2.2 or above. If you are on hike 2.2, you can receive stickers directly. If you’re on any older version of hike, you’ll receive them as an image. To reply back with a sticker, you need to upgrade to hike latest version. Upgrade to the latest version now: http://get.hike.in!

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