How to Setup Hidden Mode?

Watch the demo video here, or scroll down for more details.




Step 1: Tap on ‘hi’ to begin (hike logo)

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 4.03.44 pm.png



Step 2: Tap on ‘Quick Setup’



Step 3: Tap and hold a chat to mark a chat ‘Hidden’



Step 4: Select Mark Chat as Hidden’



Step 5: Your chat has been hidden! But it’s not over yet, now you need to set a password to access ‘Hidden Mode’. To set up the password, tap on ‘hi’ again



Step 6: Draw your unique unlock pattern of your choice. Remember, you need to connect at least 4 dots! Tap on ‘Continue’ redraw the pattern again for hike to learn the pattern! and tap on ‘Continue’!





Step 7: Awesome! Setup is complete! Tap on ‘hi’ to enter or exit ‘Hidden Mode’ any time! Remember, if you minimise hike while on ‘Hidden Mode’, it will automatically exit the ‘Hidden Mode’



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