What is H2H Offline? How does it use the Native SMS client and how does it work?

“H2H Offline” is a new feature with which you can message all your contacts even when they are offline!


Just tap on any undelivered message (we’ll prompt you to), and select what kind of H2H Offline message you want to send. If you choose to send it via hike, it’ll go from a VMN (virtual mobile number, just like hike-to-SMS). If you select your own number, your phone will send an SMS to your friend, and you will be charged as per your operator plan.


You can now choose to message your contacts on SMS via operator SMS or via free hike SMS. You can toggle this setting anytime from your chat thread. We also enable you to set hike as your “Default SMS Client” which means that you can start reading and sending normal SMS through hike. All new SMS you receive will show up in hike, and you can use hike not only for hike-to-hike or hike-to-SMS messaging, but also for SMS. This feature is opt-in.

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