Why am I receiving messages in my phone inbox?

hike 2.2.0 onwards we have added another feature in hike where in you can send hike SMS to an offline hike contact.This has been one of the most awaited features @hikeapp.


While sending a hike free SMS to an offline hike contact for the first time, a pop up screen appears asking you to unify your hike and phone's native SMS inbox. Once you do this, you can send hike SMS to offline hike contacts.


Similarly when you are offline, your hike messages come to the native inbox, if the sender chooses to do so. You receive the same message in your hike inbox too. You can see this text when you open hike. Please note that hike offline messages are shown in a green bubble like hike SMS to a non hike contact. Also the message state remains as "S" (Sent) for the offline hike SMS and the message bubble will turn green, till the time this message is seen inside the application irrespective of checking it in the phone's native inbox. 

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