What does tick, double tick and R stand for next to my messages?

 These symbols are there to help you find out the status of the message you just sent.


Tick: Your message has been sent to hike server.

Double Tick: Your message has been delivered to your friend's mobile.

Read: Your friend has read your message. 

Three Dots (...) : This means that hike is re-trying to send your message. Due to some network issue your message wasn't sent to our servers, but as soon as a connection is found, your message shall automatically be sent to our servers. 


Please note that the message states Tick, Double Tick and R are meant for hike2hike messages while for hike2SMS messages you will see a Tick only for the delivered messages.

For iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Older versions of hike:

iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Older version users on version 2.8.5 and below will see 'Sent' (S), 'Delivered' (D) and 'Read' (R) instead of Tick and Double Tick




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