What is a status update and how do we share a mood in a status update?

Status update is a feature that helps you share your current status among only 'Friends' and not all contacts. 

Screen_Shot_2013-09-08_at_12.46.52_AM.pngHow do I update my status in hike?
With Hike you can now post status updates to a set of close friends. With over 30+ amazingly cute moods available, posting status updates has never been this much fun! Tap on the 'quote' icon on the 'UPDATES' tab or 'My profile' and let the magic happen :). 
For iOS users
You can tap on the quote icon at the bottom of the home screen for posting your status updates. You can also update your status by tapping on the status update section at the top of the right drawer. 
You can also post your updates on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously status_update.png



Moods make your status posts funky and easy. Once the Status Update box is open, simply tap on the Cloud icon with the dots to open a list of Moods available. 

You can choose one and post it as your status.




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