Group Chat

For Android users and BB10 users:

Tap on the compose button on the chat screen, add the persons you want to add in your group chat, Set the group name and you are good to go.


For iOS and WP users:

With hike 2.0 we’ve also refined the user experience and made it far simpler to start a Group Chat or send a 1 to 1 message.

Step 1: 

On opening the app, you’ll notice 3 buttons hovering at the bottom of the screen: Group Chat, 1 to 1 Message, Status Update in that order. Simple, functional and yet beautiful.


For Older Versions:

Go on to your profile tab and click on Group Chat

Step 2: Start typing names of your friends who you want to invite to the group

Step 3: After having added the names of friends, click on Done.

Step 4: Start chatting, sharing audio, video and lot more with your group.


Have loads of fun with your Group on hike! And it's always fun to share something with a group of your loved ones! You can see for yourself what's happening above :) Enjoy hiking!!!

 For Blackberry users:

Press Blackberry menu key > click on the "New Group Chat"



For S40 users:

Tap on Options key > Group Chat to initiate a group chat




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