What are group restrictions?

Groups on hike are designed to give control to the administrators to decide how the members of the group communicate with each other. Currently we offer 3 different settings:


Sending Messages: Admin can decide to turn off messaging in the group. Only admins are allowed to send messages, members can consume.


Sending Stickers: Hike offers a very rich set of localized and regional stickers, however we believe in giving administrators to control to turn it off, as in some groups it might not be required. Turning off Stickers will disallow members from sending stickers, but they can still chat - send messages, send emojis and other files as attachments.


Sending Nudges - Double tapping on chat windows sends a nudge message, it has been a very popular hike chat feature. The administrator can choose to turn this off as well, if they wish too.


Note: Administrators don’t get restricted only members do.

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