What all would be restored when I restore my hike Cloud backup?

Following hike account assets would be restored by default:

Chats and Images shared

Stickers: Downloaded packs, Recently used stickers and order of sticker packs.

Hike services: Subscriptions, scores, and bookmarks

Stories and Timeline

Games: Subscription, scores, and settings

App preferences: all settings

Profile: Display picture

Friends: Friends added and pending requests

App themes: Night mode settings

SMS: free SMS available count


The videos will be excluded (to save data), you can include videos as well in your backed up data by tapping on “Include Videos” under “Backup Account” settings as shown below:


If you encounter any issues, please write to us at [email protected]

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    Pushpak Bhosle

    Hello sir i am trying to restore my backup after reinstalled hike application but it cannot restore my backup.
    Your backup was taken on a newer version of hike 
    Update your app to the latest version and try again.

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    Muskaan Shar0267

    I am unable to find Google drive backup.

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    Vaibhav Patel

    My post didn't backup nd I cant see my post in my timeline but my friends can.. I want to delete that post what to do now??,?
    Please contact me regarding this...

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    Ishan Gujrati

    My backup was created at hike cloud. I have my old chat backup file and i am unable to restore my chats from that file. i have tried reinstalling also after reinstallation it only shows restoring from hike cloud but i want to restore from my local back up and now there is no option of resetting account, why are you doing all these please focus on core objects (chatting) and try to make that better rather than focussing on explore section (news, horroscope, showbiz and all that nonsense).

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    Deepak Chaudhari

    Sir pls give me link for Apk Hike app download for services known Matchup service.

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